About Elizabeth Shi

I work in the international trading field for a company called IMEX Sourcing Services. We help people cut costs & manage their risks when importing from China, Taiwan & Vietnam. We do this by doing background checks on suppliers, signing Chinese contracts on our client’s behalf, carrying out inspections & a range of other services.

Join our Team. Marketing Apprentice Wanted. Marketing Apprentice in a Fast Growing International Trade company based in China.

Want to work for a rapidly growing international trade company with a focus on e-commerce/Amazon sellers and experience the vibrant culture of Asia at the same time?

Have a passion for marketing (Online & Offline)?

If you answered YES to those questions, this might just be the job for you.

Our Story

IMEX Sourcing Services started out with just one team member from an apartment over 7 years ago. Since then we have doubled our turnover almost every year and it’s been an exciting ride to say the least and phenomenal growth.

We have a team of about 11 people based in in our office in the CBD of Guangzhou (Zhujiang New Town). Before I go off track, let’s get back to the Position & Company. (You can read more about what we do & the Journey here).

We are primarily a Sourcing & Quality Control company working with clients across the globe but mainly in the US & UK. We help our clients manage their imports from China.

Majority of our clients are “E-Commerce” sellers especially Amazon focused sellers, so that’s our little Niche within the sourcing industry. We provide our clients with a completely outsourced solution managing everything from supplier search, shortlisting and selection, due-diligence, contracts, project management, quality control and even logistics – delivering the goods right to their warehouses or Amazon FBA Fulfilment centres.

We also run the Guangzhou Chapter of Hardware Massive to try and contribute to bringing new innovative physical products to the market.

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Chinese New Year Documentary

The ‘Last Train Home’ is a video documentary showcasing the story of the largest migration in the history of Mainland China where 130 million Chinese citizens go back to their home town to spend the Chinese New Year with their loved ones and friends.

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