5 Uncommon Reasons for Sea Shipping Delays from China 10 Reasons for Sea Shipping Delays from China – Part 2

PirateIn the first part of this article, I looked at 5 common reasons for sea shipping delays from China.

Here are 5 less-common reasons that can lead to delays with your shipments. Many of these are factors that can’t really be planned for.

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5 Common Reasons for Shipping Delays from China 10 Causes of Shipping Delays from China - Part 1

Freight Ship

Often when our clients enquire about the transit time for their container to reach their port, we like to add a week over the transit time stated by the shipping line.

To this they often come back stating that their forwarding company told them it takes a week less.

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How to Avoid Shipment delays during Chinese New Year Effects of the Chinese New Year on Suppliers & Importers – Part 3

In the first part of this series we looked at what the “Chinese New Year” is all about & what happens in China during this time while in the second part, we focused on the impact of the Chinese New Year on “Production Timings” & “Product quality” as well as how Chinese factories normally prioritize their orders and clients.

In this part of the series on Chinese New Year, we look at the logistics situation in China during this period & how it impacts the entire supply chain, especially in regard to “delivery times” & “logistics costs”. Being aware of the logistics situation during this time of the year is important for importers not only because of delays to shipments but also because new importers are often surprised at the steep freight rate increases during this period.

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