China Import Consulting

Are you just beginning to source products from China? 

Wondering how you can avoid the scammers and pretenders — those professionals who put their time and efforts into duping importers rather than developing a great product or company? 

Does the whole payment issue confuse and scare you?

  • Is it ok to use TT; how about a Letter of Credit?
  • How can I protect my funds, being certain my goods will arrive? 

And what about quality & delivery time?

  • Is an English contract sufficient or should I get a Chinese contract made?
  • What sort of contract terms should I incorporate to ensure quality and on-time delivery? When & how should I enforce these terms?
  • How can I ensure quality issues are eliminated and I am not stuck with unsaleable goods worth thousands of dollars?
  • How do I get my supplier to comply with agreed quality standards?
  • What if my Pre-Shipment Inspection fails and the supplier is unwilling to re-work my goods?

How about the Logistics?
  • I want to consolidate goods from multiple factories, what’s the best way to do this?
  • What is the best logistics method to optimize my cost and avoid damage/pilferage in transit?
  • I am shipping to Amazon FBA, how do I ensure goods and cartons are packed to Amazon’s strict standards?

 And how should I handle the samples issue?

  • Do I need to pay for them?
  • Should I be expected to pay 3 or 4 times regular product prices just because they’re a sample lot?
  • And what about Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ)?
  • Do they really expect me to order a minimum of 5000 or 10000 units for my first order?

How do I tell the legitimate and dependable suppliers on Alibaba from the impostors?  

And how do I decide on shipping? Should I use air freight or ship? And who will clear customs? 

You aren’t alone. Importing can be confusing, no question. 

I talk with new and experienced e-commerce & Amazon sellers on a daily basis who face these and similar issues. The truth is, unless and until you have some experience, you usually have to maneuver these waters trickily. Learning as you go. And it can get VERY EXPENSIVE. 

IMEX Consultancy Service was born out of these very needs, to help you address these problems. Its focus is to help importers looking for one-on-one advice on importing issues. The consultation can be delivered in person, on the phone or via Skype. 

After many years’ experience here in China and dealing with a wide cross-section of suppliers and industries, I have seen and learned a lot about how to deal with and overcome these and other importing problems. 

I’ve designed the consultation to allow you to set the agenda. You decide what we’re going to cover. What’s important, critical, and pressing to you RIGHT NOW?

But it’s not just for critical issues. Think of this service as your ‘consultant on call’. Some clients keep a rolling list of procedural or operational questions concerning importing. When they have several questions they need handled, they simply schedule a call and we tick the list off, one by one.

My objective is to transmit IMEX’s years of experience dealing with Chinese manufacturers. We will cover topics that help you develop strategy and tactics to achieve your business goals.  

We can also analyze your business model — see where you can cut costs, improve efficiencies, and target new opportunities. Because the truth is: if your plan is flawed, developing an import process will be doomed to failure. 

Some clients use the service in addition to our other services such as the 360 Degree Sourcing Service, others use it on an ad hoc basis. It’s totally up to you. 
We will help you avoid expensive mistakes and short circuit the trial and error approach that so many new importers use as their default learning tool, thereby helping you substantially reduce the time it takes to achieve your goals.

IMEX is different from many traditional sourcing companies in that we have experience working with E-Commerce sellers, including FBA sellers. Which means we understand not only the China side of things but the AMAZON FBA selling process fairly well too.

Contact us today to set up a time to talk about your consultancy needs. We can help you either develop a plan, or trouble-shoot and modify the one you already have.

The consultancy is provided by Ashish Monga, founder of IMEX Sourcing Services and author of  

Ashish started off his career in International Trade as an importer, importing products into the UK from India and China and selling through e-commerce ventures. After over 5 years of doing so, Ashish moved to China to set-up IMEX Sourcing Services. 

The company has since helped importers in over 27 countries, especially the UK, USA, Australia and Canada to manage their sourcing, risk-management, quality control & supply chain processes in China. 

For over 5 years, it has been one of the leading sourcing companies in China. More information about Ashish can be found here.