Attending the 124th Canton Fair? Tools, Tips and Strategies to Get the Most Out of Your Visit!

Well, it’s finally here. To celebrate the 124th Canton Fair, I am launching our free eBook on “The Ultimate Guide to Trade Fairs in China (with Focus on Canton Fair)”

Download it for free: “The Ultimate Guide to Trade Fairs in China With a Focus on the Canton Fair”.

Download eBook - The Ultimate Guide to Trade Fairs in China (with Focus on Canton Fair)This 120+ Page eBook is designed to help you decide if Canton Fair is right for you and help you prepare and plan for it so that you can maximize your return from a visit to the Canton Fair.

This eBook addresses a lot of the questions that I get via email from clients and visitors to the blog and our website.

Most of these inquiries relate to the same key issues: traveling to the fair, hotels, food, tips on finding the right suppliers, shortlisting suppliers at the fair, etc.

So I thought it was high time we create one centralized resource that can address most of those questions and concerns. I am glad I have been able to put all this information together in one place. Over the years I learnt several lessons on how to navigate the Canton Fair, and trade fairs in China in general.

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More importantly, I learnt how to come across as a serious prospect to suppliers and how to discuss products and pricing in a way that best represents a buyer’s interest.

This eBook is a combination of those experiences and resources. I hope it will cut down the learning curve for new importers & travelers to the trade fairs in China as well as provide experienced importers with some new tools.

A lot of the information shared here can be applied to most trade fairs in China. However, as the Canton Fair is by far the largest trade fair in China, it will be the focus of this book, and a lot of the information shared here will be specific to the Canton Fair only.

In this eBook you will get:

  • A printable ultimate Canton Fair Checklist that you can use as an actual guide before, during & after your visit to the Canton Fair.
  • An extensive list of the popular Trade Fairs in China
  • Tips before actually visiting the fair – Researching and Preparation for China Trade Fairs, Dealing with Visa Issues, Recommendations for Travel & Hotels, and Things to carry with you.
  • How-Tos and Tricks at the Canton Fair – At the Canton Fair Venue, Differentiating Traders from Manufacturers, Detecting and Avoiding Scams, Best Places to Eat Out and Enjoy Guangzhou Nightlife, Useful travel Tools & Emergency Numbers.
  • Spicing up Follow-up – After visiting the Canton Fair
  • And lots more!

I am sure after reading this eBook you will still have questions about the Canton Fair that may not have been answered. Please feel free to use the comments section under this post and I will try my best to respond to your questions.

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Ashish is the founder of IMEX Sourcing Services, a sourcing & QC company helping people importing from China manage their costs & risks as well as develop new products. Ashish also does consultancy work in the field of International Trade & Import Risk Management & loves to write during his free time.

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