Chinese truck driver -J. Hayes

Truck stop in Shanghai: Huo Yun Gong Si
Chen Gan left his family in An Hui Province to become a join the ranks of over ??? how many truckers ???? Even though his work is increasing, he claims that his wages are not reflecting hike in workload. On June 19, the Chinese government increased the price of diesel by 18% from _____ to _____ . This increase in price will ultimately mean a pay cut for Chen, because the company he works for does not cover gasoline costs associated with trucking.
[2008 Katie Hayes]

I work in the international trading field for a company called IMEX Sourcing Services. We help people cut costs & manage their risks when importing from China, Taiwan & Vietnam. We do this by doing background checks on suppliers, signing Chinese contracts on our client’s behalf, carrying out inspections & a range of other services.

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